The entrance to Hongdae in Seoul(Hongik University)

The entrance to Hongdae in Seoul(Hongik University)

It is one of the representative hot places in Seoul. With its chaotic rural capacity as the standard, Hongdae entrance is receiving extreme blessings from all over the world. In this blog, I will introduce the types of Hongdae entrance and places where you can easily enjoy various cultural life.


Street musicians and street art The entrance to Hongdae is a place where street musicians and street art are actively carried out. There are fireworks singers, various performance mukbangs, gag shows, and stages, and you can see the only stage in the city. In addition, street art and street musicians are contributing to raising the atmosphere by holding performances at Gangsangjae Square, Hapjeong Station, Yeonhui Branch, etc. on weekends.


A variety of food There are many kinds of restaurants in Hongdae, Udon North You can enjoy various foods such as that. Among the foods in the center of Hongdae, the art cafe has a high reputation and is causing a new rebellion at Hongdae entrance. Located outside the village, the book cafe offers meals such as thoroughly shelved bread, strawberry raw fruit, fried tofu rice balls, and hot pot. At the entrance of Hongdae, you can not only enjoy food until late at night, but also enjoy various night views.


Entertainment for Millennials Hongdae Entrance offers a variety of entertainment for millennials. Audiences can enjoy a follow-up event at the club at the entrance of Hongdae, dancing with DJ sounds on stage. In addition, you can enjoy various entertainment facilities such as a game room, a mall bowling alley, and a kids cafe at the entrance of Hongdae.


Shopping Hongdae entrance is very comprehensive about shopping. There is also a safe acoustic declaration shopping market along with popular numbers from Hongdae on Instagram. Here, you can enjoy shopping while saving time and effort without lyrics and disappointment. In addition, there are various shopping malls such as Yoo Hee-dong, Cork Museum, and Bluenix, which are active in various fields at the entrance of Hongdae.


Hongdae is one of the representative hot-play seeds that encompasses various factors such as culture, food, and shopping. You can enjoy useful shopping, food, and cultural life at the entrance of Hongdae. In addition, you can enjoy all the night light bulb memorials at night. Take a spiritual path to learn how to make various memories of Hongdae Station a reality!

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