Namsan Tower in Seoul

Namsan Tower in Seoul

Namsan Tower is a representative symbol of Korea's cultural, historical, and economic development. The 480-meter-high Namsan Tower is considered one of the city's landmarks along with the buildings in downtown Seoul. This time, I will introduce you to Namsan Tower's charm, history, and various tourist courses.


First, let's look at the history of Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower began construction on January 21, 1969 and opened on December 3, 1975. At that time, it was one of the tallest towers in Korea, and there were various facilities such as accommodation, restaurants, and observatory with a panoramic view of Seoul. It has now become one of Seoul's leading tourist attractions for more than 40 years since its opening.

Namsan Tower is a popular attraction for both foreigners at home and abroad. Not only is it close to the terminal, but it is also close to Namsan Park, so it is a good area to visit for travelers. Many people visit the Namsan Tower Observatory and enjoy the panoramic view of the Han River and downtown Seoul, and you can enjoy many versions.

If you go up without a break, there is a grandstand on the third floor of the tower where you can complete a performance-style drama magic lamp show with cat sculptures. Restaurants and cafes are located on the fifth floor, and on the lower floor, there are cabins, cabins, and convenience stores and mini marts at key points.

Also, Namsan Tower is issued every year at the end of the year, so many people make reservations for accommodation. In the cabin, you can make reservations for exhibitions, weddings, and the same day. In addition, it is often used when there are domestic and foreign business intermediate events.

And Namsan Tower offers a wide variety of courses. For example, Namsan Bicycle Course is a course that connects Namsan Tower, Daeusan Mountain, Achasan Mountain, and Anseong Taeyangsan Mountain to Yangjaecheon Stream, and is one of the places for walking, sightseeing, and healing. In addition, the Namsan Tower Night View Course creates a color that matches Namsan Tower Crimson along with a night view of Double Double Under.

Lastly, Namsan Tower is one of the representative tourist attractions in Korea. If you visit Namsan Tower, you can see the superb view of downtown Seoul at a glance, and you can have a good time using various activities and facilities. I recommend you to visit Namsan Tower on this trip!

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