Gwangjang Market in Seoul

Gwangjang Market in Seoul

Gwangjang Market is one of the traditional markets representing Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea, and has the largest scale along with Namdaemun Market. Gwangjang Market is also a tourist attraction that foreigners who have been on business trips visit at least once, as Korean traditional furniture, household items, food and snack products, and food materials are all gathered in one place.



First of all, Gwangjang Market is a place where you can feel the history and traditional culture of Korea with many historical buildings that were built in 1905. Typical spots include restaurants that can be found in person rather than those that are too extinct, stores that sell snacks and fusion Korean food, and small shopping malls that handle accessories and food materials.


In addition, Gwangjang Market has representative ingredients that represent Korea, so you can buy fresh ingredients and make traditional Korean dishes at home. In addition, Gwangjang Market holds a traditional market festival every year from late September to early October, which is one of the largest festivals in the traditional market, designated as Korea's Cultural Heritage Material No. 201. Traditional market festivals hold various hands-on events and traditional cultural events, but the most finite is the seasoned red-pepper sauce made of rice. The annual traditional festival is a great opportunity to experience Korean traditional culture and enjoy the attractive products of Gwangjang Market, so I recommend you to visit at least once.


In addition, Gwangjang Market is one of the largest markets in Korea in terms of traditional Korean furniture and household items. Various items are sold at low prices, so it may be more effective to buy them at Gwangjang Market than at the most easy and expensive shopping mall or department store. In particular, Gwangjang Market, which is often treated as traditional Korean furniture, imports and sells furniture representing Korean painting and tradition, and can increase your satisfaction with various sizes and designs.


Lastly, Gwangjang Market is one of the places where you can experience traditional Korean culture and food. Since you can buy the taste and quality of discounted items and cold stone snacks at relatively low prices at traditional market festivals, it is a place frequented by domestic and foreign travelers traveling to Korea as well as many tourists. If you visit Gwangjang Market, you can feel the history and traditional culture of Korea together and enjoy stores that sell various kinds of food and products.

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